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Popular Columbia City Wine Bar to Close This Month; Owners Looking for New Home (UPDATE)

Verve Bistro & Wine Bar – home of Southeast Seattle’s favorite chef Garrett Brown – has announced that they will be closing their current location in Columbia City later this month.

From owner Kate Bond:

After surviving the Great Recession and clawing our way out of debt in order to negotiate a new lease with our landlords, we received an email from them this weekend that they have decided not to renew our lease and want us to leave the premises by September 20th.

She added that they are actively looking for a new location, preferably one with ventilation and street-front visibility.

Verve’s last official dinner service will be Fri., Sept. 24.

In the meantime, all retail wines are 10% off, and all retail glassware, bottle openers, wine bags and stoppers  are 20% off.

UPDATE (9/14):

From Kate:

We have a little reprieve on our closing date.It turns out that you can’t give a twenty day vacate order over email.Apparently there are lawyerly formalities around this type of thing. You have to give it on the proper form with a signature and date.Who would have guessed that?!

Our new closing date will be Sat., Sept. 24.

We’ll be hosting a farewell party with a buffet and a suggested donation of $30 on Sun., Sept. 25, from 6-10 pm. Feel free to wear a hat.We love hats!

Verve Bistro and Wine Bar – currently located at 3820 S. Ferdinand St. in Columbia City – plans to close later this month. Photo/Rainier Valley Post


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31 Comments on "Popular Columbia City Wine Bar to Close This Month; Owners Looking for New Home (UPDATE)"

4 years 1 month ago

You all have been so amazing and I can’t imagine why you will not be
a part of Columbia City’s classy city restaurents……its our loss and theirs.
Please keep us posted.

4 years 2 months ago

I went Friday night for my B-day since I had gone for brunch many times but never tried them for dinner. Not sure what happened, had to send food back, then it came back overdone so ended up not eating.

Lucky for me I was with a couple of lovely young ladies and a couple of my boys so I still had a good time.

Their food has always been great so I am going to go back one more time and I still hope they get another place near by.

4 years 2 months ago

This news depresses me to no end.

4 years 2 months ago

Nice post.
I don’t know if it is people wishing him financial harm as much as it is people not wanting to support his decision to boot Verve. I imagine he already has a tenant lined up so it would be actually effecting the new tenant since the landlord is going to get his money one way or the other.

I guess what I am trying to say is now-a-days people are more likely to vote with their dollar (I know I do). If I don’t like it, I don’t support it.

Also, I was looking forward to Rookies opening until I heard “family freindly”, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against kids, just not at a bar. I will go there (unless it is why Vereve is leaving) but the 1st time I have to listen to someone’s screaming child will be my last.

4 years 2 months ago

I must say as a landlord/ property owner in Columbia City, I love the community and businesses making C.C. a unique and joyful experience. There has been a few here who have taken a shot at Peter Lamp wishing him harm financially.Others called out Lamb as a pioneer. I can tell you over the past few years, with this recession, the harm done has been shared by all of us. WhileI understand the frustration lossing a wonderful reastaurant/wine bar like Verve, I can’t see any benefit for Mr Lamb short or long term. We don’t know the full circumstance and I’m in no position to speculate. But I can tell you that these property owners blazed a trail in a city that still deminishes what a thriving Columbia City represents. There is at times a fine line between a successful business model and doing right by the community. Every once in a while that balance is rattled. The Cinema is a perfect example. What a loss to the community. We can only hope someone with the expertise and love for C.C. can re-establish a vibrant , thriving venture (hopefully another movie theatre) in what could be a beautiful site.
The Verve situation, while disappointing, is likely under the current economic climate. The landowners have no safeguards, no bailouts, and no empathy for their challenges. What does hurt us all and should get more of our attention are the landlords and property owners who let their building fall apart and offer very little to the long term health of the community. Look around. It’s not hard to find. Look at some of the properties on Angeline. Place your frustrations towards those owners who have sat back while owners like Lamb or Mohn have added nothing but value to this community and take the greatest hit when times get tough. I wish Verve success (hopefully in C.C.) in securing their new location and Mr. Lamp the ability to find a new business that will embrass this very special community.

4 years 2 months ago

we’re so bummed about this. Verve has the best brunch in the South End! But I think they’ve always suffered from not having store-front location on Rainier. I’m always boggled on how there are lines out the door for Geraldine’s (a good square breakfast, but nothing special IMO) when Verve hits a homerun every time and is in the same price-range and is rarely full on Sunday brunch rush hour. What a loss, we always took out of town and in town guests to Verve and will be sad to lose it, there’s nowhere else in Columbia City that rivals it, IMO.

Tom T
4 years 2 months ago

@ Jimmy
FYI Pete Lamb also owns the Angie’s building. It’s in the historic district so it might be quite a while until we see some changes there.

4 years 2 months ago

I am concerned when just a small handful of people determine the fate of Columbia City. Where are the federal incentives/assistance since the city will ignore us?