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WEDNESDAY: Meet New South Precinct Police Captain


By Pat Murakami, South Seattle Crime Prevention Council President

The community is invited to meet our new Captain for the South Precinct – Captain Steven Paulsen - at the next  South Seattle Crime Prevention Council (SSCPC) meeting on Wed., Feb. 6, at 7 pm.

Though crime rates have improved in our community, strong arm robberies and robberies involving weapons are still occurring. They usually involve the victim displaying an electronic device. iPhones, iPads and iPods are of particular interest to the criminals. Wearing white earbuds tells the robbers that you are carrying a product they want. While it is best not to wear earbuds on mass transit or while walking in public, having earbuds of another color other than white is helpful.

Please warn the young people in your life to be very careful with their electronic devices. Several students have been held up at gunpoint while walking home from school, one of them was only 12 years old.

SSCPC meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center (4655 S. Holly St.) at the southwest corner of Rainier Avenue South and South Holly Street. The meetings begin promptly at 7 pm, ending at 8:45pm.  The final 15 minutes of each meeting are dedicated to South Precinct Advisory.

All community members are encouraged to attend.  All meetings are open to the public.

Every meeting includes time for community concerns – when you are  invited to share concerns about crime or developing problems in your neighborhood.  Officers from the South Precinct of the Seattle Police Department attend every meeting to listen to your concerns.  The Crime Prevention Council and South Precinct SPD will help address your issues and concerns and offer solutions to remedy the problem.

Photo/SPD: Captain Steve Paulsen joined SPD in the same year as Nolan, 1985. Both men were born and raised in Seattle and have bachelors degrees from Washington universities.

6 comments on “WEDNESDAY: Meet New South Precinct Police Captain

  1. Maybe our new captain can address this….
    A couple of times recently, I’ve come across unwanted loot tossed into the street by thieves. A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor and I noticed the contents of a couple of purses strewn down the block; documents, ID cards and keepsakes worthless to most but probably important to the owners. This week I found 2 car seats, a jacket and an assortment of toddler’s toys. Were these the unwelcome contents of a stolen car? I can’t imagine a parent stopping the car and unloading such things in an alleyway. People were robbed and presumably want their stuff back, but trying to report found property to the police is very difficult. In the case of the stolen purses, I watched as my neighbor waited on hold after calling the non-emergency police line. We were both on the way to work and didn’t have time to wait, but we both felt guilty letting it slide. The result? We called 911. It was hardly the best use of that service, but the matter was addressed. In the latest instance, I again tried calling the non-emergency number and waited on hold for a several minutes. Once again, I was pressed for time and could not wait, so I tried using an online report form, but there was no provision for reporting found property. While I was trying to report the incident, someone came by and took both car seats, leaving the rest of the stuff in place. I hope the owners can afford new ones. There must be a better way.

  2. Call 911 and say it is a non emergency. This is actually what the SPD wants you to do as it helps them allocate resources to trouble areas. We only get more police with more 911 calls.

  3. If you want to get rid of the killings in south seattle get rid of the gangs. Send the illegals home and incarcerate the home grown sociopaths. That’s the only solution and that’s not going to happen. Not PC. Instead they will beg taxpayer for money for more midnight basketball or something just as inane.

  4. Here you shoot someone you get a slap on the wrist, while the Amish beard and hair cutter guy just got 15 years.

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