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WEDNESDAY: Rainier Valley Residents to Moderate Networking Event With City Council Candidates; What Do YOU Want to Know?

Aerial of Rainier Valley, 2001Election season is upon us, and this year we will elect five City Council members to represent our interests, so on Wed., June 22, the Rainier Chamber of Commerce will co-host a Speed Campaigning Luncheon with the West Seattle Chamber from 11:30 am to 1 pm  at 4025 Delridge Way SW in West Seattle.

Three south-end neighbors, including State Farm representative Jeffrey Taylor, recently retired Windermere representative Brian Fairchild and RVP editor Amber Campbell will be there to help moderate the discussion and see that the candidates are aware of the issues that matter most to Rainier Valley residents.

Make your voice heard: What do you want to know from this year’s candidates for City Council? What are the issues that matter most to you? Schools? Crime? Jobs? The environment? Economic Development? Something else? Use the comment section below to post your questions.

Tickets to Wednesday’s luncheon are $25 and space is limited, so please call the Chamber at 932-5685 to reserve your spot. Lunch will be provided by Blue Willow Catering.

2001 Aerial of the Rainier Valley. Photo/Seattle Municipal Archives

7 comments on “WEDNESDAY: Rainier Valley Residents to Moderate Networking Event With City Council Candidates; What Do YOU Want to Know?

  1. Why is the city (and current elected officials) proposing to cut parks, community centers and library hours YET waste hours and dollars on city planning to propose traffic bow ties in our SE area. What retailer would move to SE Seattle Seattle if the property adjoins a one way street?

  2. I would have hoped there would be something after working hours and something free so all can attend. Wish I could go :/

  3. @Tasha
    If it was free and after work hours, I’m pretty sure they would not come up with the consensus they are looking for.

  4. Ask them if they all rode a bike or took the bus there.

    And how do you carry home a 46″ flat screen without a car? (Or anything of value for that matter)

    And how many gangsters does it take to change a light bulb?

    And how many students graduated high school that can not read. (Not being sarcastic, it happens)

  5. @Tasha: Good point. We’re talking with the Rainier Chamber to see about scheduling a free happy hour networking event with the candidates in September or October. Stay tuned!

  6. @SAM: Excellent question. The mayor and the city council will look for money under our seat cushions to finance their traffic bow-ties. The voters approve initiatives to build wonderful parks, community centers, and libraries that the city cannot maintain in its regular budget.

  7. The Lakewood Seward Park Community Club is hosting a free city council candidates forum on Tuesday, October 18th at 7:00 p.m. at our regular monthly community meeting. We have invited incumbents Sally Clark and Bruce Harrell and their opponents. We limited the event to these two positions because the incumbents live in the neighborhood and we didn’t feel there was time in a 90 minute meeting to give all of the city council candidates an opportunity to get their message out and take questions. More about this later as the event nears.

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