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Woman Assaulted, Robbed Leaving Othello ATM; Suspect at-Large

OTHELLO – Police are searching for a teenager they say assaulted and robbed a woman Friday morning in the 7500 block of MLK Jr. Way South at South Othello Street.

It was about 10:30 am when a woman withdrew some cash from an ATM and was subsequently confronted by the suspect a short distance away.

According to Seattle Police Department spokesperson Renee Witt, the suspect knocked the victim to the ground, showed her a knife, and forcibly removed her purse.

“Several officers responded to the incident and did and extensive area search but the suspect was not located,” wrote Witt. “The 47-year-old victim did not have any visible injuries and did not request medical attention.”

The suspect – described as a black male teen, wearing a long black coat and baggy blue jeans – fled the scene and was last seen running east bound towards Othello playground.

South Precinct officers and detectives are investigating an increase in street robberies in the area, including that of a 58-year old Rainier Beach woman in January.

In that case, it was about 10:15 am when a witness watched three teenagers follow the woman through the Safeway parking lot before one of them knocked her down and took her purse. During the attack, the victim struck her head on the pavement and sustained injuries to the left side of her face and cheek area. The suspect – described as a black male teen, wearing a short black coat and blue jeans – fled the scene.

6 comments on “Woman Assaulted, Robbed Leaving Othello ATM; Suspect at-Large

  1. @ Tom: thanks for providing that link. I’m beginning to think Harrell is more interested in appearing to be concerned about RV crime issues than he is in actually assembling a plan to deal with it.

    South Seattle Cop: is SPD aware of the report referenced in the KOMO link, do you know? If so, is it perhaps actually being used to rethink SPD’s approach to dealing with the “Public Safety Emergency” we perpetually find ourselves in?

  2. I just found this – a slide presentation made to City Council back in May 2011 by the folks who wrote the original report in 2009. It’s a bit easier to digest.

    It seems as though SPD has been cooperating with this group but it doesn’t seem as though they’ve redeployed their forces based on hot spots. I would hope they had a copy of the report when it was originally published in 2009.

  3. Big disconnect between where the crime hot spots are and where the police are focused. Why is this?

    Ask WHY!

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