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Woman Robbed Aboard Light Rail Train in Columbia City

COLUMBIA CITY – Earlier this week, we reported on an increase in violent street robberies throughout the Rainier Valley light rail corridor.

Seattle Police Department had reported that each of the four stations – Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach – were “hotspots” where robbers have been targeting victims who are distracted by phones or iPods.

At the time, Sound Transit spokesman Bruce Gray said the agency had not seen reports of issues at light rail stations or on the trains.

Shortly thereafter, he revised Sound Transit’s response to include the report of a Nov. 16th robbery aboard a train that had just pulled into Columbia City station. He said a woman was sitting on the train when a young black male grabbed her phone and ran out the open doors.

“We’ve got the incident on tape and have been working with SPD to ID the thief,” said Gray. “The safety and security of our riders is Sound Transit’s top priority. We encourage all riders to be alert and aware of their surroundings.”

Gray – as well as Seattle Police Department – declined to provide any additional information about the incident, but he did emphasize that light rail has had nearly 6 million boardings since it opened in 2009.

Photo/Rainier Valley Post